Our English Works campaign elevates immigrants’ own voices among employers, community leaders, students, unions, and educators. Together, we advocate for greater public and private investment in English language learning programs and we help employers find cost-effective ways to offer English language learning classes in the workplace.

This work is critical to the Massachusetts economy. Immigrants comprise approximately 16 percent of the state’s population and 20 percent of the state’s labor force. They are twice as likely as native-born residents to become entrepreneurs and own approximately 30 percent of main street businesses in the Boston metro area.

Of the nearly 3.6 million people working in Massachusetts, approximately one in five (nearly 730,000 people) are limited English speakers. They are heavily concentrated in five industries that contribute billions of dollars to the state’s economy: Health Care, Manufacturing and Hospitality, Educational Services, and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.


English Works raises awareness among business leaders across multiple industries that when their immigrant employees can communicate in English, their rates of productivity increase due to better understanding of business goals, systems, and safety standards and protocols. And as English skills improve, error and turnover rates decline.

English Works assists employers and unions in finding low- to no-cost options to support their workforce by providing English for speakers of other language (ESOL) classes at work.

Our campaign encourages immigrant workers  to help identify businesses at which English classes are needed and participate in outreach and education events. We also encourage ESOL providers to contact businesses that employ their students and offer to find ways to provide ESOL instruction in the workplace.


The English Works Campaign Public Policy Agenda is based on an opinion survey with 91 organizations, including community and workforce development, ESOL providers, advocacy and philanthropic organizations, labor unions, and business groups – See here  The English Works Campaign Survey Report: A Call for Cross-Sector Policy and Practice.

English Works Campaign Policy Agenda FINAL 10 29 19





To learn more about the English Works campaign, please contact Franklin Peralta at 617-982-6863 or fperalta@englishfornewbostonians.org