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Mission,Vision &Values

Mission Statement:
The mission of English for New Bostonians is to ensure that immigrants can access high quality English classes to fully leverage their talents and voices across schools, workplaces, small business and civic life.

Our Vision:
We envision a City and a Commonwealth in which immigrants have an open door to economic pathways, resources, and community life by learning English. Policymakers, employers, and residents view English learning as a basic right that also benefits communities and the region as a whole.

English for New Bostonians will help catalyze these changes during a historic moment of broad interest in social justice and workforce issues by:
  designing and supporting innovative ESOL programs and delivery methods including remote and
     hybrid models;
  forging partnerships to implement and expand access to these methods;
  inspiring allies to support these approaches; and
  shaping policy and opinion to sustain and grow them.

English for New Bostonians is strategically positioned as an ally to English language learners and immigrant communities, a resource to service providers, and a partner to employers, municipalities, and government agencies.  Also, ENB advances solutions that embrace social and economic justice as the realistic pathway to economic recovery and thriving for our great city.

High caliber English classes are key to ensuring the foreign born – Boston’s and Massachusetts’ fastest growing population – can fully contribute their talents across our workforce, schools, and civic institutions.

Our Values:·

Equity – We seek opportunity for immigrants, regardless of economic, educational or migratory status, and strive to eliminate barriers.

Empathy – We listen actively, seek to understand hardships immigrants may have experienced on their journey, and recognize their diversity of experience and aspiration.

Collaboration – We forge partnerships to broaden our reach and achieve mutual goals.

Creativity – We are a learning organization. We pursue, adapt and share new approaches and solutions.

Accountability – We deliver on our commitments, and measure efficacy and impact.

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