Immigrant Economic
Recovery & Resilience Initiative (IERRI)

immigrant economice recovery

Through ENB’s Immigrant Resilience and Recovery Initiative (IERRI), a cadre of three multi-lingual career coaches – all recent ENB graduates – foster quality employment and small business opportunities for students who attend our seven most grassroots community programs across the City.

Career coaches work one-on-one with individuals to prepare and apply for employment, while cultivating relationships with quality employers interested in providing onramps and advancement opportunities for talented hires. The ENB coaching model is tailored to immigrants with diverse English levels, educational and work backgrounds, and career aspirations.

This state-funded program builds out capacity to assist immigrants in increasing their English skills and securing a stable economic pathway. Programs customized to employment for sectors with staff shortages, and entrepreneurship, offer not only routes out of poverty, but a key strategy to fuel just, equitable economic recovery. 

For more information, please contact Oscar Escobar, ESOL Economic Integration Manager: