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English Works Business Council: This ENB business partnership convenes leaders, facilitates collaboration, and shares best practices to meet the needs of Massachusetts’ fast-growing immigrant workforce. The Business Council elevates a business voice on immigrant workforce issues and promotes ESOL as part of a workplace equity agenda. Council members also provide information about openings in their own companies, gain access to a large pool of committed candidates, and learn strategies to maximize internal talent.

Council convening's assemble business, government, and nonprofit leaders and focus on equity, opportunity and the immigrant workforce, including innovative workplace ESOL models. Members share practices, learn about funding and partnership opportunities, and weigh in on immigrant workforce issues with state and local officials.

To join, contact Evelyn Norman, Director of Development and Communications:

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For Companies That...

Rely on an immigrant workforce and want access to
cutting-edge best practices.

• Prioritize training for immigrants through corporate policies.

• Recognize the critical role immigrants play in our economy and communities.

• Align with ENB’s vision to create opportunities for immigrants to develop their English skills and fully contribute.

Thank You to Our Founding Members

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Member Benefits

Access to a diverse and skilled workforce ENB will help your company expand the pool of qualified candidates, maximize internal talent and increase the ability to promote from within.

• Visibility Your company’s good corporate citizenship will be seen by your employees, public officials, and your customers through recognition in ENB publications, social media and website, and events, namely our annual Raising Our Voices Breakfast. This premier ESOL event convenes     corporate, government, and community leaders to highlight the imperative for ESOL opportunities and the businesses and individuals who are supporting them.

• Special Convenings, Trainings and Updates Semi-annual gatherings will provide ongoing learning and training opportunities for your company's top management. They also will allow for Council partners to provide input on priorities, share best practices, and hear from government officials and other leaders on immigrant workforce and education issues. Partners also will receive regular updates on critical information, special reports, and timely “tips “on how your business can help your limited-English workforce.

• Business Services and Resources Council partners may draw upon ENB’s knowledge and experience assisting companies in designing and offering high-quality, cost-effective workplace English classes. ENB can help your company identify and access funds available through the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Program and the Massachusetts Department of Education.

• Volunteer Opportunities for Your Employees ENB organizes meaningful activities through which volunteers can assist students directly, such as conducting mock interviews and tutoring.

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View EWBC meetings

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