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Student Demographics

Demographic Profile for Students of ENB funded programs
Native languages: Spanish 53%; Haitian Creole 14%; Vietnamese 9%; Portuguese 6%; Chinese 5%; Cape Verdean Creole 3%; Arabic 2%; Somali, Albanian, French, Russian 1%; other 4%. 

Highest grade completed: 0-2 5%, 3-5 5% 6-8 9%, some high school 16%, completed high school 26%, some college 15%, BA 13%, Prof. 9%, technical school 1%.

Other: 77% women; 55% parents; average time in US 4 years; average age 40





























Primary Constituency of ENB Funded Programs:
Greater Boston's Latinx Community

Latinx (Spanish/Portuguese speakers) represent about 60% of ENB’s student base (64% in ESOL for Parents classes, 94% among our English for Immigrant Entrepreneurs classes). Latinx comprise one-fifth of Boston’s population, and 42% of Boston Public School students.

Average Income:
While English for New Bostonians does not request income information from our students, we surmise that all our students live below 200% of poverty level, and most below 100%, by virtue of the language and educational barriers they face. Many work multiple low-wage jobs in an effort to make ends meet.

Number of Students served by ENB funded programs: 
Approximately 1,000 annually

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Highest grade completed

Native Languages

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