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Tap the talents of your workforce
with English Works Business Services

English for New Bostonians (ENB) designs high-quality, cost-effective workplace English training tailored
to your company’s needs.

   • Stop wasting time translating basic instructions

   • Reduce work errors

   • Improve employee retention

   • Provide a benefit employees will value for their families

   • Promote equity and inclusion in your company.

ENB’s experienced team will help you secure state funding and design a program around your people
and your goals.

Breadth of Services in Greater Boston:

    Needs Analysis: Worker surveys/language assessments, interviews with supervisory staff to identify       
       priorities and logistics.

     Training Design: Tailored to customer or client service, production, management skills or pre-lean, all     
       with vocabulary and course content specific to your work environment. Classes scheduled with work   
       shifts in mind, with virtual and hybrid options available.

    • Funding Application: Prepare winning applications for sizable grants from the Massachusetts
       Workforce Training Fund.

     Class Delivery: We can deliver the class or bring in an additional ESOL partner with expertise.

By partnering with English for New Bostonians, you also gain access to a pool of jobseekers in our network
who are studying English and preparing for employment and advancement opportunities.


Contact: or 617.982.6863

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