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English for Immigrant Entrepreneurs


                    Blending English with business training, English for Immigrant                                            Entrepreneurs enables small business owners, employees and aspiring                              entrepreneurs to learn English embedded with business-relevant skills.                              Students learn to enhance marketing and customer service, access new                            resources, and secure loans and licenses.

                    ENB shephards partnerships between ESOL providers and business                                    assistance providers to deliver English and business content. Participants                          gain confidence speaking English with customers and officials, learn to                              launch websites, manage budgets, and supervise employees. Businesses                          have expanded customer bases and applied for and obtained loans.                                  Entrepreneurs, many of whom have run their micro-businesses for years, have reported growth in confidence and revenue as a result of their expanded learnings and connections.

ENB’s English for Immigrant Entrepreneurs Curriculum may be licensed, and has been adapted for the new Boston Immigrant Cooperatives Alliance, helping to strengthen a broader solidarity economy, based in East Boston.


Most recently in 2021-2022, ENB has been proud to support two Entrepreneurs classes that were delivered by high-performing and innovative ESOL programs: The Gardner Pilot Academy Adult Education Program, and YMCA International Learning Center.


For more information, please contact Thays Lobo, ESOL Economic Integration Manager:

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                                 Aleide Martinelli and Adson Silva have been a husband and wife                                     team for 35 years. They've shared everything, including their                                             journey 13 years ago from Brazil to Boston. These days, Aleide and Adson help each other out managing their businesses-communicating with customers in English, managing their finances and getting clients. Aleide leads AFS Cleaning, and Adson leads AFS Services Construction and Maintenance.


"The entrepreneurs class is not just about business, but about everything! We learned to speak English, and about United States history. We like to get involved in the American community."

- Adson Silva

In February of 2020, Aleide, Adson and other immigrant business owners had the chance to present their businesses in English and share their journey with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who attended the English for Entrepreneurs Business Showcase.


"Boston is a proud city of immigrants and our success is dependent on our immigrant communities. Innovation comes from new perspectives and we thank immigrant entrepreneurs for bringing new ideas to Boston."

- Mayor Martin J. Walsh via twitter

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