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The Language of Food

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The Language of Food Event, June 28, 2023

June 28, 2023 - Our Language of Food event featured a powerful panel discussion on immigrants' journey in the food industry, particularly restaurant ownership. Recognizing the important role of an immigrant workforce in this field, we were delighted to provide this platform for stories from panelists - Nivia Piña, owner of Doňa Habana Restaurant, Hélder George Brandão of Estella, and Mayra Molina of Delicias Salvadoreñas who is a graduate of ENB’s English for Immigrant Entrepreneurs course. 

"I feel proud of me, because now I speak English.
It's not the best English, but I understood much;
I speak better (English) because of the English classes,"

 Mayra Molina, Delicias Salvadoreñas


After working 16 years at her restaurant, Mayra purchased the business and has been leading its growth ever since. Mayra's story highlighted the barriers related to limited English skills and how she and other immigrants overcame the obstacles and reached their goals. "When immigrants succeed, we all succeed," stated Cristina Aguilera, Executive Director of Massachusetts Office for Refugees and Immigrants, who also joined the event.

The Language of Food Event, June 29, 2022

English for New Bostonians’ loyal friends shared the universal language of food at the opening of our 20th Anniversary Event Series, Language of Food last night. The seaside event was a splendid success as guests enjoyed this moment of illuminating the creativity, work and impact of ENB that has enabled 20,000 people over 20 years to transform their lives in their new homeland!


Two ENB alumnae shared their journeys from learning English to creative careers – both related to food! Food, whether growing it, packaging, selling, or serving it, provides many new immigrants a beginning to career pathways here in the U.S.


Nefisa Siraj owns Cini Coffee and graduated from an ENB English for Immigrant Entrepreneurs class. Her coffee by the pound sold like hotcakes at Language of Food after she made an expert pitch to the audience about the culture, care and love with which she roasts and packages fine beans from Ethiopia.


Gary Diaz, Head Chef at Tony C’s, and his team took an ENB English for Restaurants class in the midst of the pandemic. Gary told the crowd that English classes not only enabled him to communicate better at work and outside of work, but are part of the company’s strategy to build loyalty and thrive in an environment that’s taken a toll of restaurants. “Trust your staff,” he advises employers, “give them opportunities to grow, teach them English!”

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