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                                                           ENB partners with restaurant, retail, facilities management                                                                   and manufacturing firms and their employees to design                                                                       and deliver classes in-person, online, and through hybrid                                                                     models. Classes target both entry and managerial level                                                                       employees. Employers benefit from ENB expertise in                                                                           applying for state funds to design and implement                                                                                 workplace English classes tailored to their businesses. After                                                                 in-depth needs assessment that includes workers as well as                                                                 managers at various levels, employers provide input to
                                                           help ENB design a curriculum customized for that sector
                                                           and job type.

Classes have proven to improve teamwork, customer services and efficiency, and provide employees with opportunities for advancement. Something specific that helped us has
been setting of the price based on the competition and the price based on the cost of production. These lessons are the two methods that we have learned in our store and this has greatly strengthened our skills and will help us in the future.”
- A supermarket manager who participated in ENB’s ESOL Finance online course.

ENB work with employers has flourished as business executives face workforce shortages and recognize ENB’s effectiveness as a partner to create successful ESOL programming.

“It is humbling to see the difference that we are making. We have seen that ENB changes the context for many English learning workers and that change speaks directly to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I can’t speak enough about how great this program is and what a dramatic change it is making in these people's lives.”           – Jon Cronin, Principal, Cronin Group.

For more information, please contact Franklin Peralta, Director of Business Engagement and Public Policy:

english works bus. svcs.
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