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Statewide English Works Campaign

english works campaign

                                                                   In 2008, ENB leadership recognized the need for an organized                                                                                 strategy to raise awareness of the vital importance of English                                                                                   learning opportunities to our continued thriving as a city and state.                                                           We        launched the English Works Campaign, now a well established                                                                                 network for policy research, leadership on ESOL, fundraising, and                                                                           most recently, our English Works Business Council.
                                                                   This statewide education and advocacy campaign unites ESOL                                                                                 students, businesses, labor, and community leaders to advocate                                                                               for greater public and private ESOL investment in the immigrant                                                                              workforce. The Campaign’s annual Raising our Voices event elevates the successes of ENB, our partners and students. Each year, loyal ENB supporters, including business and government leaders, continue to push the message that foreign born residents are the fastest growing segment of our state’s workforce, and we all stand to win by providing opportunities for limited English speakers to access ESOL and cultivate their talents across business, academic and civic life.

For more information, please contact Franklin Peralta, Director of Business Engagement and Public Policy:

statewide eng.
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