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Business Consultation

Background: For 20+ years, English for New Bostonians (ENB) has led programming, innovation, and advocacy focused on strengths and needs of Greater Boston's diverse limited English speakers. ENB training and technical assistance has enabled ESOL programs to successfully deliver specialized models while ensuring student progress. ENB also infuses high-caliber English instruction into Boston's workforce system through workplace ESOL, helping immigrants to launch careers and employers to benefit from as-yet untapped talent. During the pandemic, ENB adapted all programming to virtual/hybrid formats that continue to evolve; jobseekers, workers, entrepreneurs, and parents with diverse English levels, educational and work backgrounds and goals can now access in-person, online, and hybrid English classes. This capacity to rapidly respond via innovation and communication; to design, and train ESOL providers to deliver, models adapted
to virtual and hybrid formats; and to forge public-private alliances that address education, workforce development, and equity goals, are ENB specialties.

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