WorkPlace ESOL

Why offer workplace esoL?

Workplace ESOL benefits employers, employees and the community by:

  • Helping your employees develop critical English skills which drive customer service, increase team effectiveness, ensure safety and improve employee buy-in.
  • Investing in our communities by enabling employees to be more engaged in their children’s education, navigate unforeseen challenges and become leaders in their communities.

In one recent study of restaurants and other businesses providing ESOL classes, 100% of employers saw improvements in employee’s communication, and ease in the workplace and 76% saw improvements in workplace safety. In Massachusetts, companies have seen a 49% increase in production accuracy and a 75% decrease in customer complaints.

What does enb do? 

English for New Bostonians has the experience and expertise to…

  • Assess the different English language levels, skills gaps and, and training opportunities of employees in the workforce.
  • Assist with applications to Workforce Training Fund Program, providing up to $250,000 in matching funds for workplace training.
  • Recommend a contextualized and customized curriculum that matches the needs of your unique business and employee population.
  • Bring classes on-site and provide ongoing support throughout the programs.
next steps…
  • Discuss ESOL needs with managers and key leaders at your company.
  • Contact Franklin Peralta, English Works Campaign Organizer: or 617-982-6863.

The customized English classes on Lean Manufacturing that were taught by ENB, encouraged our staff to teach others within the organization. They were paying their education forward after obtaining a better understanding of how Lean Principles worked within Randolph and their job roles.

Sarah waszkiewicz Global brand manager: Randolph Engineer inc.

ENB has helped me to seek funding for ESOL classes for my employees. ENB is a valuable asset to have on your side for establishing a workplace ESOL program for your employees.

albert calvo president, Ceo: stop & Compare Supermarkets


ENB provided interactive training classes to our english learning team members with the purpose of learning manufacturing-specific vocabulary and concepts as so to provide them the confidence and ability to ask and answer questions, interact and problem-solve with co-workers.

Virginia Fraga, operational excellence manger: Boston Baking co.