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English for New Bostonians offers customized curricula in the following specialty areas:

ESOL for Parents and Caregivers – This curriculum gives ESOL teachers background materials, lessons and activities designed to help immigrant parents learn English and become more effectively involved in their children’s education. It is a contextualized, school-related curriculum that teaches speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in the context of schools, education,  and parenting, contexts which are absent in many of the standard ESOL texts teachers use.  There are three topics:     
      1) Navigating Boston Public Schools;

      2) School Involvement;
      3) Supporting Children’s Learning.

With this curriculum, ESOL teachers can orient immigrant parents to the U.S. school system,  and provide them with practical skills such as interpreting report cards and participating in teacher conferences and help them support children’s learning at home. While some of the information is Boston-specific, much can be used in any locale.

  • ESOL for Entrepreneurs – Curriculum designed to help business owners master English skills specific to their business needs, such as developing a business plan, improving marketing and customer service. 
  • Pre-LEAN ESOL for the Workplace – Program designed specifically for manufacturing environments to introduce English language learners to the basic concepts of the “Lean” production model.

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