careers in Healthcare

How to Use English for New Bostonian’s Careers in Healthcare PowerPoint (click to download)


Careers in HealthCare is a PowerPoint overview to the different jobs in healthcare in Boston for level 2 and 3 ESOL learners. It is designed to be presented by ESOL teachers in their classrooms as an English lesson.  English for New Bostonians (ENB) developed this presentation because one in five jobs in the private sector in Boston is in healthcare and demand is rising as the population ages and models of care change.  ABE teachers might find the PowerPoint useful as well.


The goal of this PowerPoint is to give whole classrooms of immigrant English language learners a basic sense of the different kinds of jobs that exist within the healthcare industry in the United States and, more specifically, in Boston, and to help them understand the kinds of training that is required for each of these different jobs.  More broadly, the presentation introduces students to general career related concepts such as the difference between a certificate program and a degree program, which are valuable and transferable to any future jobs a student is interested in.


Careers in Healthcare has 54 slides. This is far too long and has too much vocabulary and information for a single class period  It divides healthcare into six different areas: direct care, pharmacy, administration, laboratory and technology jobs. In each of these areas. different jobs are listed, along with pay, training requirements, responsibilities and the different settings you might work in are also outlined.


For many ESOL classes, the teacher may want to only go over the jobs in the Direct Care area. It is here that one finds those jobs which require the least amount of training and thus are accessible to the greatest number of students. In this case, skip from slide #20 to slide #36. This option also appears in the notes section below slide 20.


If the class has at least some students with higher education and science or technology skills, the teacher may want to present the other areas as well, such as lab jobs or technology jobs. In that case, plan on splitting up the presentation across several classes to make it easier for students to absorb the new information.


Like its other resources for teachers, most notably its comprehensive ESOL for Parents and Caregivers curriculum, this Careers in Healthcare presentation is available to download.