English for New Bostonians is an activist grantmaking organization. We fund programs that offer English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) classes in Boston, and welcome collaborations among programs, especially those that will allow more innovative, intensive, or comprehensive services for students. Examples of successful collaborations include, but are not limited to, the sharing of teachers or program staff such as case managers, counselors, or job developers.

In addition to funding over 20 high quality English language learning programs that provide free instruction to more than 1,100 immigrants each year, we train instructors and provide professional development opportunities in classroom technology and other best practices with adult learners. We also assist with program design, writing curricula, and student assessment and evaluation of progress.

For information on deadlines and additional information about our grants and grantmaking process, please contact Lee Haller,

In order to create opportunities for immigrants to learn English and pursue their educational, economic and civic aspirations, we focus our grantmaking in the following three areas:

ESOL Pathways GranTS

Pathways grants support services which enable ESOL students to learn English while also engaging in economic, educational and civic opportunities. Funded programs are expected to integrate career readiness into all classes/all levels.

ESOL for Parents and Caregivers Grants

As part of ENB’s ESOL for Parent and Caregivers Initiative, our ESOL for Parents and Caregivers grants focus on improving the English skills of immigrant parents (directly) and the academic success of their children (indirectly). Through a partnership with Boston Public Schools Adult Education, we fund ESOL for Parents and Caregivers programs that utilize our curriculum, facilitate additional curriculum development, and promote coordination among community ESOL and school-system partners.

ENGLISH for IMMIGRANT Entrepreneurs Grants

English for Immigrants Entrepreneursgrants increase access to English language classes for owners of very small, or “micro-” businesses. Grants must reach a diverse immigrant population whose businesses will benefit from improved English communication and greater understanding of US-based business practices. Programs must offer customized ESOL classes, utilizing English for Immigrant Entrepreneurs curriculum, at locations and times that are convenient for business owners. Although classes are intended primarily for business owners, employees and aspiring business owners are also eligible.