Action for Boston Community Development, Southside HeadStart Adult ESOL Program, Roslindale
ABCD Southside’s Adult ESOL Program provides multiple levels of ESOL instruction to immigrants and refugees in Roslindale, Hyde Park and West Roxbury. ENB funding allows ABCD Southside to expand its capacity by offering three levels of morning ESOL for Parents classes for parents of HeadStart children and of children at a neighboring elementary school.


Asian American Civic Association (AACA), Chinatown
AACA provides limited English speakers and economically disadvantaged people with education, occupational training, and social services. ENB funds support a hybrid class which meets in person biweekly and uses distance learning- students communicate with their teachers by email and phone, and participate in occasional group instruction via social networking tools. This class is targeted for newly arrived immigrants with a bachelors degree or higher and high-intermediate English Proficiency- seeking to help this underemployed population meet their potential and prepare students to continue their careers in STEM occupations. 


Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence, Chinatown
ATASK ESOL program provides classes to Asian women who are building new lives following domestic violence and/or other trauma, in a setting that addresses their educational and psychological needs. ENB funds support one high-beginning class.


Boston Center for Youth and Families – Blackstone Community Center, South End
The Blackstone Community Center is one of the 35 Boston Centers for Youth and Families, serving the South End and Lower Roxbury Neighborhoods. ENB funds support one ESOL for Parents and Caregivers class serving parents of children at the Blackstone Innovation School.


Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center, Chinatown
BCNC’s Adult Education Program provides recent Cantonese- and Mandarin-speaking immigrants with ESOL, computer literacy, employability skills and citizenship classes, as well as face-to-face and web- or CD-based tutoring. ENB funds support one intermediate ESOL for Parents and Caregivers morning class serving parents of children at the Josiah Quincy Elementary school in Chinatown and other Boston Public Schools. 


Boston Public Schools Department of Adult Education/Newcomer Assessment Center, Roxbury
To address the need for English classes among BPS parents, Boston Public Schools Department of Adult Education offers ESOL of Parents and Caregivers classes for parents of BPS students. ENB funds support one low-level class held at the Newcomer Assesment and Counseling Center in Madison Park, serving primarily the communities of Roxbury and Dorchester.


East Boston Ecumenical Community Council (EBECC), East Boston
EBECC offers 3 levels of ESOL instruction to pregnant and parenting Latinas (beginner, high beginner-low intermediate and intermediate).  ENB funds Levels II and III of Latina ESOL on weekday mornings and early afternoon.  EBECC’s ESOL classes are combined with on-site babysitting and for pre-school aged children, parent education, community resources, social services and individual counseling.


East Boston Harborside Community Council, East Boston
ENB supports one ESOL for Entrepreneurs class in the Harborside Community Center’s evening ESOL program, and two classes at the James Otis School with targeted funds for ESOL for parents/caregivers. This family literacy program meets four afternoons a week, offering one beginner and one intermediate class, both with a childcare program. The program uses ENB’s contextualized curriculum to help parents not only learn English, but to support their children’s success in school.


Education and Training YMCA International Learning Center (ILC), Boston
The International Learning Center (ILC) is part of the Education and Training branch of the YMCA of Greater Boston.  ENB funds ILC’s Bridge to Opportunity, a 6 hour a week class for Advanced ESOL learners (SPL 5+) who need to strengthen their English skills to meet their employment and/or education goals. In addition to the course work, an Academic Coach/Career Counselor regularly meets one on one with Bridge students to create and update an action plan based on student’s self-assessment, career exploration and plan for next steps.


Educational Development Group (EDG), Roxbury/South End
ENB funding supports two classes, one full-time intensive beginner class and a daytime intermediate English InnovationsTM class, in EDG’s Accelerated English Plus ESOL program, which is designed to address the need for faster English acquisition by immigrants of the greater Boston community.  EDG offers access to computers to assist in students’ accelerated learning, as well as GED, literacy and citizenship classes for diverse immigrant groups in Boston. 


Gardner Pilot Academy (ESOL) Adult Education Program , Allston-Brighton
The Gardner Pilot Academy uses ENB funding to provide four ESOL classes from beginner to high-intermediate levels on two evenings for parents of Gardner Elementary School students and other Allston-Brighton residents.  The GPA ESOL program advocates learning through investigation while building skills for independence and life-long learning. The program honors the experiences that each student brings to the program as English skills are taught using themes and content which are related to the interests and needs of the learners, including their educational, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. This program is crucial to GPA’s efforts to involve parents in their children’s education, engage the community, and enable adult students to meet their personal, professional and community goals.


Gilbert Albert Community Center (GACC), Dorchester
GACC is a nonprofit organization located in Dorchester. Its mission is to educate, empower and advocate for Haitian families through a number of initiatives, including a program for adult learners of English called the English Language Network (ELN). Funded by the ENB, the ELN offers adults in the community beginning through intermediate level ESOL/literacy classes.


Haitian Multi-Service Center (HMSC), Dorchester
HMSC’s Adult Education Program, which provides a full spectrum of educational services, uses ENB funds to maintain ESOL services to Haitian immigrants and refugees living throughout Boston. ENB’s funds enhance the quality of instruction and support for this underserved population, which has a large presence in the Dorchester area. ENB funding supports three classes: an afternoon survival literacy class, a high intermediate evening ESOL next steps class, and an ESOL for Human Services class.


Jamaica Plain Community Centers (JPCC) Adult Learning Program, Jamaica Plain

The JPCC Adult Learning Program offers adult learners of Jamaica Plain and other neighborhoods ESOL, ABE, and GED morning and evening classes as well as tutoring and computer instruction. ENBs funds provide for one survival literacy ESOL class and one beginning ESOL class.


Jewish Vocational Service, Hyde Park
JVS’s English for Advancement Program provides community-based adult ESOL classes with a focus on Next Steps.  ENB funding supports a level one class and a literacy class in Hyde Park, serving the Haitian community there and in Mattapan, extending the English for Advancement Program to beginner students.


Maverick Landing Community Services , East Boston
Maverick Landing Community Services (MLCS) helps residents of the Maverick Landing mixed-income housing community and East Boston to attain economic and educational goals by building 21st century skills. ENB supports a blended learning English Innovations (TM) class which integrates Tech Goes Home, and job readiness and placement.


Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH), East Boston
NOAH is a multi-service community development corporation centered in East Boston and serving the Greater Boston Region. NOAH focuses on expanding and maintaining the supply of quality affordable housing, providing numerous programs for low- and moderate-income clients, stabilizing neighborhoods, restoring the environment, and empowering youth and adults to create positive community change. NOAH provides ESOL classes as part of its organizing and leadership development efforts in the East Boston neighborhood. NOAH’s ENB funding supports four ESOL classes, three ESOL level 1 classes and one ESOL level 2 class. 


The St. Mark Community Education Program is located in central Dorchester on the St. Mark Parish campus.  SMCEP is both an ESOL program and a Citizenship program.  SMCEP offers computer classes and 5 ESOL classes at 3 levels, meeting on weekday evenings and Sunday mornings, to accommodate the schedules of working adult learners.  ESOL classes involve learning and using computers.  In partnership with the Irish Immigration Center, SMCEP offers a multi-service Citizenship program, including an English for Citizenship class on Saturday mornings and help in applying and preparing for citizenship. ENB funds 3 of St. Mark’s ESOL classes that also include computer instruction.