Our Mission

ENB’s mission is to invest in the future of our region by fostering a high-quality, targeted system that prepares English language learners to pursue their educational, economic and civic aspirations.

ENB makes free and affordable English-language classes available to over 1,000 immigrants in Massachusetts every year. We focus on innovative programs that are located in immigrants’ neighborhoods, workplaces and schools and are customized to their experiences and goals. 

ENB and its English Works campaign promote systems-level change and awareness of the importance of English language learning opportunities.

ENB’s vision is that all people will enjoy equal rights and opportunities to learn English as a pathway to realizing their full potential for themselves, their families and their communities.

Through grant-making, capacity-building, and public outreach and education, ENB increases the availability of ESOL programs, promotes program quality, and leverages private and public resources to build the Massachusetts’ ESOL system.


ENB’s multi-faceted approach to achieve its mission is to:


  • Support high-quality, accessible ESOL programs;
  • Expand Massachusetts’ capacity to serve English language learners;
  • Develop innovative strategies to reach all levels of learners at home, in the community, and at work;
  • Garner investments by diverse stakeholders;
  • Heighten awareness about the importance of adult English language learning.


An integral piece of the ENB approach is its English Works Campaign, a targeted initiative focused on immigrant employee/employer needs relative to ESOL, especially in the workplace. The campaign targets English proficiency as a critical tool for achieving economic success for immigrants and an essential ingredient to the growth and flexibility of our rapidly changing economy.

Learn more about the guiding principles of the English Works Campaign.