what we do

English for New Bostonians creates opportunities for immigrants to learn English and pursue their educational, economic and civic aspirations.

WE FUND over 20 high quality English language learning programs that provide free instruction to more than 1,100 immigrants each year. We train instructors and provide them with the tools they need to provide instruction that’s responsive to students’ varied backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations. We offer opportunities for professional development in classroom technology and other best practices with adult learners. We also assist with program design, and student assessment and evaluation of progress.

WE DRIVE IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATION. We conduct community and policy research and share it with English programs, policymakers, and employers. We regularly survey program staff and students to identify emerging needs and gaps in service for adult English language learners and recommend changes in ESOL and workforce development programs to meet them. We collect and analyze data from our funded programs and share it back with them so they can easily analyze their own results, compare them with other programs, and identify areas for improvement.

We share data with foundations and public funders of English for speakers of other language (ESOL) programs to help them understand what makes for a quality program and the significant nuances that must be considered when working with unique sub-groups. We collaborate with employers, schools and economic development organizations to design curricula that is responsive to workers in target sectors, parents, and entrepreneurs. We leverage digital tools to ensure students gain 21st century skills and to expand learning beyond the classroom. We engage and train volunteers to accelerate student learning, and share our training resources locally and nationally.

WE RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS. Through our English Works campaign, we elevate immigrants’ own voices among employers, community leaders, students, unions, and educators. Together, we advocate for greater public and private investment in English language learning programs and we help employers find cost-effective ways to offer English language learning classes in the workplace.