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Skills Training Programs for Students:

Find information on skills and job training programs for your students. Click here for contact and referral information for leading training programs in the Boston area.

AmeriCorps training videos:

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The resources below are from ENB's target grant intiatives, ESOL for Parents and Prevocational/Vocational ESOL, and are updated frequently.  Also see ENB's professional development page for information about past trainings.

ESOL for Parents curriculum units:

Click here for an overview on how to establish community-school partnerships to launch ESOL for Parents in your school district.

The ESOL for Parents and Caregivers Initiative aims to increase immigrant parents’ English communication skills and ability to support their children’s educational success. It is a partnership among ENB, the Boston Public Schools Department of Adult Education and Community Services, and MONB, and includes program support, curriculum development, and coordination among community and public school partners.

The Curriculum gives ESOL teachers background materials, lessons and activities designed to help immigrant parents learn English and become more effectively involved in their children’s education. With this curriculum, ESOL teachers can orient immigrant parents to the US school system and Boston Public Schools, provide them with practical skills such as interpreting report cards and participating in teacher conferences, and help them support children’s learning at home.  While some of the information is Boston-specific, much can be used in any locale. 

How to Use the ESOL for Parents and Caregivers Curriculum
Curriculum Topics with Activities Listed
Navigating BPS-- Unit 1: Overview to Schools
Navigating BPS-- Unit 2: School Choice
Navigating BPS-- Unit 3: Policies (attendance, promotion, homework)
Navigating BPS-- Unit 4: MCAS
Navigating BPS-- Unit 5: Looking Beyond to Other Choices
Navigating BPS-- Unit 6: Getting Help
School Involvement-- Unit 1: Parent Involvement: Expectations and Opportunities
School Involvement-- Unit 2: Parent/Teacher Conferences
School Involvement-- Unit 3: Report Cards
School Involvement-- Unit 4: Understanding the Standards
School Involvement-- Unit 5: Advocating for your Child
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 1: You are your Child's First Teacher
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 2: Storytelling
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 3: Reading with Children 
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 4: Using the Library
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 5: Homework
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 6: Television and Screen Time
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 7: Enrichment Programs
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 8: Early Childhood Education
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 9: Goal-Setting--Talking About Futures
Supporting Children's Learning-- Unit 10: Going to College

Prevocational/Vocational ESOL:

ENB's four funded prevocational ESOL programs have received training and technical assistance around job-readiness curriculum and integration of technology in ESOL.  Resources from trainings and other materials and resources are gathered in a wiki for that initiative.  Click on the page below to go directly to the wiki: