Talking Jobs: Lessons from ENB's 2016 ESOL Student Employment Survey. English for New Bostonians' survey of over 1,400 ESOL students working at 700+ and businesses studying English in 39 ESOL programs across the state of Massachusetts, reporting on their own aspirations and on their co-workers' need for English classes. Analyzed in partnership with the National Skills Coalition. 

Talking Jobs: Lessons from ENB's 2016 ESOL Student Employment Survey- Summary. 2-page executive summary of the above report.

Listen: Franklin Peralta, Campaign Organizer on "Talking Jobs" report on WBUR 90.9FM - Oct. 24, 2016

Watch: Claudia Green, Executive Director on Boston Neighborhood NetworkNov. 2, 2016

ESOL for Entrepreneurs Report: Year One Lessons and Implications for the Field - Summary.  A four-page summary of a Year One review of ENB's ESOL for Entrepreneurs, conducted by independent evaluator Mary Coonan. Includes data, best practices and lessons learned from local ESOL-business partnerships, as well as recommendations for replicating this groundbreaking initiative in immigrant-rich communities statewide. The report was developed with support from Mass. Growth Capital Corporation.


English for New Bostonians and the English Works Campaign released a report entitled: "Learning English, Talking Jobs. Lessons from ENB's 2011 Student Workplace Survey." Click here to download a copy of the report.


Breaking the Language Barrier: A Report on English Language Services in Greater Boston



This report, commissioned by the Boston Foundation and researched and written by Commonwealth Corporation, focuses on the "ESOL system," comprising services funded by the Massachusetts Department for Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) and other sources (including English for New Bostonians). The analysis assesses how far the system has come in resolving its challenges and suggests ways to make further progress. The report describes the demand and supply for English services as well as the quantity and quality of those services and makes recommendations for changes that would help the system meet the needs of Limited English Proficient (LEP) immigrants within the public sector budget constraints that will be in place for the near future.

Click here to download a copy of the report.