ENB funds ESOL classes in Boston. We support whole class(es) at programs, not slots or partial classes. ENB welcomes collaborations among programs, especially where a collaboration will allow more innovative, intensive or comprehensive services for students. Collaborations could take many forms, including sharing of teachers or supporting staff such as case managers, counselors, or job developers. 

ENB provides grants in three areas to expand the ESOL services in Boston:

  1. ESOL Pathways Grants
    Pathways grants are intended to support services which enable ESOL students to learn English and fully engage in economic, educational and civic opportunities in the U.S.  Funded programs are expected to integrate career readiness in all classes/all levels.
  2. ESOL for Parents and Caregivers Grants
    These grants focus on improving the English skills of immigrant parents (directly) and the academic success of their children (indirectly). Through a partnership with Boston Public Schools Adult Education, ENB funds ESOL for Parents and Caregivers programs, facilitates curriculum development, and promotes coordination among community ESOL and school-system partners.
  3. ESOL for Entrepreneurs Grants
    This initiative aims to increase access to English language classes for owners and employees of very small, or “micro-” businesses.  Customized ESOL classes, utilizing ENB’s ESOL for Entrepreneurs curriculum, are offered at times and locations convenient for businesses, and the English-learning curriculum addresses business goals. The goal is to reach a diverse immigrant population whose businesses will benefit from improved English communication.  Classes are intended primarily for business owners, but employees are also eligible. 

If you have questions about ENB’s grantmaking process, please contact:
Lee Haller at 617-982-6862 or