ESOL for Entrepreneurs

English for New Bostonians’ ESOL for Entrepreneurs initiative aims to increase access to high quality English language classes for owners and employees of very small, or “micro-” businesses in Boston.  This demonstration project offers customized curriculum that focuses on small businesses’ needs, such as customer service, marketing, access to capital, or licensing.

Grant funding supports ESOL for Entrepreneurs programs each serving 10-15 immigrant owners and employees of micro-businesses.  Projects will be led by an adult ESOL provider and may include a partnership with a small business association or intermediary. 

An overview and profile of the initiative and Letter of Intent are available at the links below:

ESOL for Entrepreneurs Initiative Overview

Profile of ESOL for Enrepreneurs Initiative

ESOL for Entrepreneurs Letter of Intent

Interested applicants are encouraged to discuss potential projects with ENB staff by contacting Lee Haller (617) 982-6862; or Franklin Peralta (617) 982-6863

For resources on conducting a thorough Needs Assessment, see the links below.

ESOL for Entrepreneurs Sample Survey of business owners

"Workplace Needs Analysis" (p. 11-13) by Jenny Utecht, from SABES' Field Notes, vol. 18, no. 1 (Spring 2009).

"Workplace Needs Analysis" (p. 95-182), from Massachusetts Worker Education Roundtable's Workplace Educator Training Guide.

For current grantees:

Data reports, narrative reports, and student surveys are due 30 days after a cycle ends.

Email Lee Haller for a link to the customized curriculum for this initiative.

Summary of ESOL for Entrepreneurs reporting requirements

ESOL for Entrepreneurs interim narrative report form (after first cycle, if program is running 2 class cycles in the fiscal year with same/similar students)

ESOL for Entrepreneurs final narrative report form (after final cycle of the fiscal year)

ESOL for Entrepreneurs data report form (after each class cycle)

ESOL for Entrepreneurs data report instructions

ESOL for Entrepreneurs student survey (after each class cycle)