Apply to AmeriCorps

The New American Integration Program (NAIP) is a partnership between the Massachusetts Immigrants and Refugees Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) and ENB, through which up to 30 AmeriCorps members serve nearly 5,000 immigrants and refugees from over 106 different countries every year. Members are placed at immigrant- and refugee-serving organizations across the Commonwealth, serving residents of Greater Boston, Lynn, MetroWest, Central Massachusetts, New Bedford, and the Merrimack Valley.

A NAIP AmeriCorps member commits to a full-time, 11-month service position while receiving a modest living allowance, health benefits, and training. As a NAIP AmeriCorps member you will assist immigrants and refugees in their efforts to gain economic stability and fully integrate by developing their professional skills, improving their English language skills, becoming U.S. citizens, and connecting with community resources. Additionally, you will become a member of a talented, diverse NAIP AmeriCorps community and gain professional skills for lifelong education, human service and social justice work.